Ukrainian hryvnia world's best-performing currency this year

How could this be? It has to be the result of deliberate manipulation considering how weak the Ukrainian economy is. The only way I can imagine the hyrvnia being propped up is through the use of IMF loans. But why? Then I realized that George Soros was just listed as the 2nd most influential person in Ukraine:

George Soros listed as 2nd most influential figure in Ukraine

and I recalled that Soros became famous when he made a billion dollars by betting against the British Pound in 1992:

How Soros Broke the British Pound

I wonder if Soros is at the same time influencing the National Bank of Ukraine to prop up the hryvnia using borrowed money and at the same time betting against it to make another windfall profit.

If the Hryvnia crashes next year Soros would be my top suspect.