Excerpts from an article on Crowdstrike. Guys are absolute scumbags.



Why would private investors dump $26 million into a new company with no existing, pending, or developing products or services?

The only background check this troika of CrowdStrike co-founders could pass was with the FBI. Yet their top security clearance has never been revoked.

Would money laundering crime syndicates trust CrowdStrike with $26 million? They would if there was no risk and exponential reward.

Is the reward intelligence data? What else could it be?

Google Capital invested $100 million in CrowdStrike on July 13th, 2015. Google knows better than to use CrowdStrike software. When asked directly by Fortune Magazine whether Google was a customer, CrowdStrike's CEO George Kurtz said, "No comment."

What was the first thing CrowdStrike executives Kurtz and President Shawn Henry did after the check for $100 million cleared? They posed with their race cars for Fortune Magazine.

While working at the FBI, Shawn Henry was the bureaucrat in charge of all the FBI's investigations around the world.

Former FBI Director Robert Mueller promoted "Uncle Fester" more times than anyone else in the FBI.

Chabinsky was Chief of the FBI's Cyber Intelligence Section before quitting to join CrowdStrike in 2012. He also served as the Senior Cyber Advisor to James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence.


>crowdstrike is the backdoor?


>Never thought it until just now, but CrowdStrike sounds a lot like PROMIS software.