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Comments on fake Q post & how (You)s can be faked (BO & anon)

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Don't beat yourself up buddy, shit happens.

Anons, don't believe snapshots of (You)'s that you see on 8kun so quickly. My guess is that they used the import/export method to insert their own (You)'s in to Qs posts. See method in pics. You can claim any post to be yours. This is to inform people that shills will use this trick to make false claims.

When Q posts, they will sign with their tripcode. Any anonymous posts claiming to be Q are bullshit unless Q specifically states it is them.

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It’s alright anon. In might if the time stamp problem, it was only a matter of time before it was exploited by shills. A creative exploit though. One to remember. Until the time stamp vulnerability issue is resolved, we are now in guard for anymore instances.