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Steven Kwast on the urgent need for a US space force (vid & Aug article)

Click to try to play this video on Invidio.us, if it still exists on YouTube!

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>The U.S. Air Force’s top civilian and a key member of Congress agreed Saturday on the need to declassify a large amount of information about America’s military space programs to both intimidate foes and encourage support among the public.


I think some disclosure in in this vid:

Steven Kwast | The Urgent Need for a U.S. Space Force.

Watch if you have time frens, very interesting video. If short on time and can spare a couple of minutes, watch from about 11:20s - he talks about superfast worldwide travel, Tesla wireless energy and space.

"According to some reports, Kwast was prematurely relieved of his duties at JBSA and blacklisted for promotion after speaking out on space-related issues despite a service-wide gag order. Kwast declined to comment on the reports and retired on September 1, 2019."

"Deep water is space" - a quote from the vid - true analogy or disclosure? Or Watch The Water, water being Space? The energy stuff is juiciest though.

I'll be watching again times as there's lots in here I feel, but would appreciate different takes on it.



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Thanks anon. General Kwast is a very engaging speaker. Some random takes while it's still fresh -

Talk was really centered on the clash of civilizations with the Chinese Communist Party and what could happen if they could achieve a technological advantage over the rest of the planet through dominance in space. Chilling to consider.

The Middle Kingdom story about the 2 party infighting and how that led to a centuries-long degradation in China made me wonder of how much of what's going on in America today is being egged on by the CCP. So much of our collective focus & energy is concentrated on these internal squabbles while the grander issues are being totally ignored. Playing right into the CCP's hands.

His anecdote about westerners taking Chinese money as a deal with the devil sounded awfully like Hunter Biden & friends.

The wireless energy transmission concept was cool, but I wonder how much this can be achieved terrestrially with Wardenclyffe-style tech, etc. at a cheaper cost. He was really vague on the generation aspect of it (solar, but how?) and I'm skeptical that it might be a hook to justify the enormous investment at the sacrifice of the disclosure of other options.

Understand where he was coming from with the emphasis on entrepreneurialism, but couldn't disagree more with his veneration of Musk, Bezos & Branson and his belief that we should allow them to take the lead on this project. I only trust them slightly more than the CCP and we know why that is. There must be another option available, otherwise it's just another devil's bargain.

Finally, found it rather curious how many times he mentioned the number 33. Also curious about what he knows but isn't saying in public.

Look forward to reading other perspectives - definitely a worthy topic to discuss amongst frens.

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Thanks for that summary, anon.

I think it was on qresearch I posited that maybe all our power is perhaps Tesla style anyway - unknown to us, captured not generated, at power stations and distributed and metered/charged for, down the wire.... maybe a bit wild, but who knows. So many lies.

Not really a fan, but S Greers stuff sounds quite similar. Maybe the message is more important than the deliverer?

Time for some sleep for me.

BeBest QRB frens.