Sorcha Faal called "popular" with Q followers

Everyone who's been around QResearch for a while knows to be cautious from info coming from Sorcha Faal and the person behind it, David Booth.

At best, anons use it as a jumping off point for diggs, not as a stand-alone source.

Seth Hettena just wrote a very long article that discusses it.

Unfortunately, it links Q to it by saying that it is "popular" with Q followers when that is not true (more like a "source of last resort").

Hettena isn't exactly a stellar source himself--he is solidly committed to 'muh Russia' & the 'quid pro quo' theory re the DJT-Zelensky phone call.

Some of the info on Sorcha Faal MIGHT be useful.

But mostly, it's a recent hit piece on Q. Good to know who's trashing us right at the moment and why.

The Man Behind the Right Wing’s Favorite Conspiracy Theories

Meet David Booth, the fake news peddler who is helping Russia spread its lies


December 9, 2019

Q-related quotes:

"Internet anonymity hides the identities of those behind the curtain who push this and scores of other coordinated assaults on consensual reality, from the insane anti-Semitic libels that inspire­ armed young men to march into synagogues and open fire, to the unhinged speculations of the mysterious “Q” who posts cryptic messages revealing Trump’s secret war against a cabal of pedophiles in the American government and Hollywood."

"To judge by the people who share David Booth’s stories on Twitter, it’s wise to be wary. His work is popular with followers of QAnon, the pro-Trump conspiracy theory group that the FBI recently labeled as a domestic terrorism threat."

"The legions of QAnon followers have inspired a bazaar of online merchants hawking Q-branded T-shirts, ball caps, iPhone cases, coffee mugs, and books."

"Like the mysterious “Q,” Sorcha Faal is a mask—one that David Booth dons in order to spin out his fantasies from an imaginary arm’s-length source."