Ninth Circuit Reopens Border, Blocks Donald Trump’s ‘Return to Mexico’ Policy

The ACLU has persuaded three judges in the far-left Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to block the hugely successful ‘Migrant Protection Protocols’ border policy, even though the policy has played a critical role in reducing the inflow of migrants.

The same panel also declared that border agents must process claims for asylum made by migrants who are caught trying to sneak over the border fence far from the formal Ports of Entry.

John Sandweg told

The timing couldn’t be much worse for the Administration,” according to President Barack Obama’s ICE director. “If this decision is going to trigger increased flows at the border, the coming months are the time of year when you would expect to see a spike in the numbers.”

The two decisions — if accepted by a large panel of judges and by the Supreme Court — punch a nationwide hole through the border rules. The decisions will help the cartels, coyotes, and worldwide migrants to again cooperatively overwhelm U.S. border defenses and courtroom process and rush millions of migrants into U.S. job markets, housing markets, and K-12 schools.

This is not the first time judges have opened loopholes in the border. In 2015, a California judge directed officials to release migrants from detention within 20 days if they bring children. This “Flores” catch and release rule prompted a huge wave of migrants to bring children over the border in 2018 and 2019, so allowing them to be released after 20 days into the U.S. job market.

A statement from the Department of Justice said: