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Wisconsin Anons: Dems looking to Steal Wisconsin SC seat next week. Vote!

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Dems Looking to Steal Wisconsin Supreme Court Seat Next Week in Non-Partisan Primary

Next Tuesday is critical primary election for a State Supreme Court Justice in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Democrats’ are hoping to attempt at a silent coup of the state courts.

If successful, this will firm up their plans to seize control over the court over the next decade with national consequences for this laboratory of leftist judicial tyranny.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court primary election on Tuesday, February 18, decides which two of three candidates will be on the general ballot for a ten-year term. The court currently has a 5-2 conservative majority, and what’s at stake in the near-term is who replaces Governor Scott Walker’s appointment of Daniel Kelly.

The left-controlled media have failed to alert everyday Wisconsinites about the importance of Tuesday’s election, and many conservatives may stay home without realizing their state is about to be overtaken by a Marxist judiciary.


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Wisconsin Anons

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