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Eyes on Joe Pientka - This guy is at the very epicenter

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Eyes on Joe Pientka - This guy is at the very epicenter. Loads of evidence that this guy needs the mother of digs to root out his role.

Moar examples (~500):


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SSA1 is Joe Pientka


Joe Pientka, aka "Supervisory Special Agent 1" is at the top of the witness list requested by Lindsey Graham


"SSA 1" - Agent Joe Pientka - who interviewed Flynn, was involved in a conspiracy of deception to the FISA Court that included:

1) Providing false information; and

2) Withholding exculpatory evidence.

Why FBI Special Agent Joseph Pientka Is the DOJ’s Invisible Man


Why Is The FBI Muzzling The Only Person With Credibility Left in The Flynn Investigation: FBI SSA Joe Pientka III


Joseph Pientka Archives - The Clinton Foundation Timeline


FBI Protecting and Hiding Sketchy FBI Agent Joseph Pientka


Senator Chuck Grassley Drops Atomic Sledgehammer on FBI – Requests FBI Reports and Testimony From Special Agent Joe Pientka


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Pientka received the Steele memory sticks from Bruce Ohr.


Pages 44 & 45


page 102