>>8134641 ‘Maybe it was the Belgians’: Netanyahu claims ignorance after reports of missiles fired over Damascus

>>8134665 Trump wants tax cuts 2.0 by September: Larry Kudlow

>>8134733 FEAR PORN, cabal members showing themselves CDC WHO

>>8134753 Maxine Waters: CA Should Have More Say In Primary Because Of Big Money Raised At Beverly Hills Parties

>>8134758 Three-time child sex abuser faces the same charge - again

>>8134781 Information wars: GOP lawmaker on quest to officially declare CNN and the Washington Post ‘fake news

>>8134815 “Trooper of the Year” Arrested for Producing Child Porn, Distributing It to His Own Network

>>8134821 China's top diplomat to visit Japan ahead of Xi's state trip

>>8134897 UK Labour Party leader candidates all call themselves ‘Zionist’ or sympathetic to Zionism

Distinct pattern baker of protecting the cabal many of these called none make notes!