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anon posts theory of killboxes actually being markers

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Yesterday around this time in the morning I made the case that the [killbox] is really information that informs a series of markers, and those markers represent different players in this game.

I've found that repeatedly it holds true and has already revealed some amazing information.

This appears to be a way for Q/Milint, and POTUS to inform the public about what was intended by HRC, and what's happening with white hats in control.

The way they do so is as followed:

There are a series of markers [1-99].

Each of these markers represent a player in the great game we're all participating in.

That's the game of control over the minds of the people.

The clearest example of this I can give is post 524

In that post there's 4 different markers, and a series of sentences that inform those markers.

The metadata of those markers, ignoring the specifics of each sentence, attributes the first 4 names on our list of 99.

[1] = Hussein

[2] = "He who we do not name"

[3] = HRC/BC

[4] = NP

Q then goes on to state in bold "Focus on the loudest voices in Washington" essentially.

Go back and find the posts from yesterday to see the breakdown of how these 4 names hold true with each instance their respective marker occurs.

In summary, essentially the Q team and POTUS are talking to us using metadata. They're laying out their plans for the world to see if you're willing to look.

So naturally, I began to build out the list of players to fill in the blank 1-99.

I believe [5] is Diane Feinstein, I believe [6] is James Comey, I haven't worked on [7] yet…

But [8]. Oh but [8]. To follow I will breakdown the few drops that have the [8] marker.

The first instance of [8] occurring was on 25 nov 2017. This post essentially says that 4ch was compromised (as evident by the log1 files on their servers).

Q then confirms that 8ch is the correct outlet to move the comms to.

Most importantly, and what piqued my interest the most:

>Key secured.

What key? Why would it need to be secured?

That piece of data from this post appears to inform the [8] marker.

Who was notorious for a key? Who attempted to release keys?

My almonds are on high alert.

Next we have post 541

In this post we have the first instance of [words within the killbox]. I believe these words intend to inform explicitly the relevant marker.

Essentially the post subtext should read:

Marker [19] (whoever that may be, we don't know yet) is heavily guarded. [8] marker was [x]jailed.

I'm noticing these posts appear to have a rough 1 year delta. They inform what's going to happen a year later.

And lo and behold, in early 2019 JA was arrested and jailed.

The next occurrence of [8] was a few days later.

And this post is a god damned doozy.

Do you want to know what is in those Wikileaks insurance files?


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Are you ready for this?

Okay, so the killbox data is as followed:


[The 16 Year Plan to Destroy America]


[nuke build]



[death & weapons real/War Fake & CONTROLLED]

[population growth control/pocket billions]


[pop vote ^easier manipulation/illegal votes/Soros machines]

[Germany 1st]



[POTUS free pass]


My breakdown of this is as followed. I came to this conclusion by looking at the meta-story being told, and informed each [killbox] item with the surrounding sentences.

"The set of insurance files released by wikileaks tell the story of the Obama admin's part in the 16 year plan to destroy america. Using wikileaks as an (unwitting?) tool, Obama leaked (through Bradley Manning?) to [8] JA. These leaks were intended to put the mil establishment on the chopping block to begin cutting back/paring back funding. To strip generals of command. They used wikileaks as a sniffer to take-down internal leakers (think: Seth Rich.) The 16 year plan also involved providing Nuke material to NK which is classified information. The Obama admin funded and supplied Iran's rise to power in the Mideast. Obama admin allowed [clas 23-41] to continue, my guess being sexops/blackmail ops/cult activities. The Obama admin even facilitated the murder of justice AS. All of these, and more, were geared towards reducing the capacity of the US. [1-99] markers were the actors that facilitated this. Other goals the Obama admin, and their power players supporting him, had was to remove the electoral college because they can rig/fix the popular vote easier with illegal votes and 'soros machines.'

The first military closures were to be bases in Germany, (((their))) first moves against Mil. The MSM was involved, leading the narrative against the military, as evident from 4am talking points intercepted, including free pass by the dems during the election to position POTUS as their patsy for HRC to run against."

I may be wrong on some points, I'm probably wrong on some points. But I think it's clear Q is implying that [8] is JA.

There's only one more drop with [8] so lets see if this theory holds true:

Drop 3671 dropped on 14 Dec 2019:

When is the FIRST BOMB?

Is Bill Barr working with [8] JA?

Knowledge of the above info in the previous drop is POWER.

Does Potus, Q, Mil, and most importantly BILL BARR have this knowledge?

Of note, JASSANGE is 8 characters too.

So there it is. my case that the 8th marker is julian assange. I've said it from the beginning of the Q operation, you anons sure as shit better have those WL insurance files handy.

Download them, store them off line. Work with them on an offline computer.

Because if evidences of the above shenanigans by the Obama admin, HRC campaign, and their bosses hold true…

Q did say the Key is secured.

Only you can decide to know the truth. To apply the key.

Can you see where this is going?