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"Russia coronavirus: Woman who fled hospital defies police

A Russian woman who was put into a coronavirus quarantine but escaped is resisting attempts by officials to bring her back to hospital by force.

Alla Ilyina, 32, is currently in her flat in the city of St Petersburg, refusing to open the door to police.

Ms Ilyina, who returned from China last month, says she tested negative for the virus on 6 February but was told to remain quarantined for two weeks.

Frustrated, she disabled an electronic lock at the hospital and fled.

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On her Instagram account, Ms Ilyina, a university graduate with a diploma in physics, says she had a sore throat soon after returning to Russia from China's holiday island of Hainan on 30 January.

On 6 February, she decided to call an ambulance and was put in the Botkin clinical infectious disease hospital in Russia's second-largest city.

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Tests showed she had no virus, but the following day, as a precaution, she was ordered to stay in hospital for two weeks, believed to be the maximum incubation period of the Covid-19 virus.

"All three tests showed I was completely healthy, so why the hell the quarantine?" Ms Ilyina wrote."