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Oxygen vid re Jehovah's Witnesses & pedo coverup

Click to try to play this video on Invidio.us, if it still exists on YouTube!

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just watched a documentary on TV the other day about the Jehovah's Witness pedo's.

they keep it in house like the Catholic Church and just move the bad apples to other towns

I have read many blind items about Mormons on CDaN site

(enter church as keyword when searching the site for the blind items)

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it is very sad to hear these women's stories

they are groomed to just take it and the elder men have to be told about the accuser and the

man can only be held to account if there are two witnesses……..duh……they do it to the children without witnesses..It is really gross how this is a documented thing and the church has actual documents that were sent out to all the churches all over the world how to HANDLE these allegations.

watch this, it is short, maybe 18-20 minutes

get the document copy and post it