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Planefags aloft

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Checking to see if I agree that mil air traffic over SoCal is more than normal.

All CONUS mil filter only 46 a/c, 1 is RAF, 2 are RAAF, 1 Canada, rest US mil.

The 2 Aussies are inbound from the Pacific together, possibly descending into Las Vegas area.

I see 2 racetracks - refuelling loops - over 29 Palms Marine Base and Salton Sea. So somebody is doing night refuelling.

I don't see something to get excited over in SoCal.

Displaying the aircraft type, its track (including altitude), sorting list by model, zooming out for a big picture view and then zooming in on areas of interest, helps clarify what's going on.


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Royal Australian Airbus' in at McCarran Int'l

ASY414 and ASY415

it's a normal night, don't know where the anxiety is coming from


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Looks like an exercise N of Las Vegas. Don't you think? The 2 Aussies are landing. RAF is there too.

Sacramento area. One of your blackhawks flew from Sac to Lake Tahoe, circled a few times at altitude, flew back.

C5M and C17 are transports. KC135 is a tanker. Kind of looks like an exercise there too? Mil anons can chime in - i'm just spitballing.

What would be interesting is if we saw aircraft involved with surveilling the DUMBs that are being taken over by whitehats in a months-long operation that's reported partially complete. Doubt such planes would be shown on public ADSB though.


>it's a normal night, don't know where the anxiety is coming from


>it's a normal night, don't know where the anxiety is coming from

Exactly. I think we had a cadet in LB who needed a bit of guidance, is all. Wanted to see for myself whether there is something out of the ordinary going on and I don't see it.

R7 signing off (if I can get the damn images to post, kek)

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told them to relax on the first 5 pics spergathon and then offered to answer questions. They chose to continue to spergathon.

safe skies to you pilot


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2 AWACS now