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Anons debate controversy over uranium in Antarctica

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This from last bread.





Proof of Uranium in Antarctica

Think we had a Clown Baker


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ok, just looked up some refs to see the context

if i've got this right, you are trying to contradict the recent claim that uranium found in Antarctic ice cores is due to pollution from Australia uranium mining?

(muh climate change/pollution argument)

Imagine you are correct that there is uranium in antarctia but to proprerly make your point, you really need a more recent article that says there is uranium in Antarctica (not just one from 1986). OR you need to say why the one from 1986 trumps the ones from 2016 and 2018.

Or get some authority to do it for you.

Make sense?

(and btw, plz do not criticize bakers for not reading stuff like these, takes way too long–only coz it's graveyard can i do it)

3.85 MB, AJUSvXXIn5p11.pdf
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That's all fine and dandy.

But you fail to address the point

Uranium deposits in Antarctica

Existence denied here and explained away

as polution from Australian uranium mines

https://www.wise-uranium.org/umop.html (2018)

and here (note possible Chinese names on article)

https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0206598 (2018)

Here is proof from 1986

There quite possibly could be Cabal Uranium

Operations in Antarctica

Files and photos attached

The truth:

Victoria's Secret = AJUSvXXIn5p11.pdf

Somehow I found this stored on the Amazon cloud.


WHere did John Kerry go as soon as POTUS was elected? Antartica? Thanks Polly!

1986 review Trust Kansas

Uranium mineralization in southern

Victoria Land, Antarctica


Space Technology Center

University of Kansas

Lawrence, Kansas 66045

For the past 10 antarctic field seasons, an airborne gamma-ray

spectrometric survey has been conducted over widely separated parts of the continent. Localized accumulations of both

primary and secondary uranium minerals have been discovered at several localities scattered along the Transantarctic

Mountains from the Scott Glacier to northern Victoria Land.

During the 1985-1986 field season, we discovered a number of

highly significant radiation anomalies in the area between the

Koettlitz Glacier and the Pyramid Trough. The occurrences

consist of pegmatite vein complexes which contain an association of primary uranium and thorium minerals. Of still greater

significance is the fact that abundant secondary uranium minerals were found in association with the primary deposits, and

they indicate clearly that uranium is geochemically mobile under the conditions imposed by the and polar climate that now

exists in southern Victoria Land.

On the ground, we visited two veins which had been identified from the airborne gamma-ray record. The veins are separated by several kilometers. Preliminary results of a uranium

analysis performed by neutron activation indicate a concentration of 0.12 percent uranium in a composite sample from

the two veins. Even higher levels of thorium are present. The

nature of the primary uranium mineralization is currently under investigation. Autoradiographs shown in figures 1 and 2

indicate the distribution of radioactive minerals in polished

surfaces of samples from the two radioactive veins. Incrustations of secondary yellow uranium minerals were found in the

radioactive vein locality at the head of the Pyramid Trough. In

addition, strongly fluorescent coatings of carbonates containing

uranium, were distributed along fractures extending inward at

least 40 centimeters from outcrop surfaces. They furnish clear

evidence of mobilization of uranium in solution in the surfaceweathering zone. Our preliminary studies indicate that some of

the minerals present may be new and previously unknown

forms but many show the typical yellowish green fluorescence….

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I mean… Sure… Maybe there is Uranium in Antarctica and maybe that is what they are up to down there - I don't know for certain.

It just seems a little convoluted to go through all that for a completely covert supply only to then fuck themselves with Uranium One.

I think something different is going on down there - though exactly what, I can't really speculate.

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Is the argument that there is no uranium in Antarctica or that increasing in uranium ust in ice cores is caused by Aussie uranium mining? Two different claims. (i could be off on this, not possible to bake and look properly)

Don't know whether this helps, it's a layman's article that puts the argument in plain terms (even if inaccurate):

Until World War II, most of the uranium input to the atmosphere was from natural sources, says the research team.

But since 1945, increases in Southern Hemisphere uranium levels have been attributed to industrial sources, including uranium mining in Australia, South Africa and Namibia.

Since other land-source dust elements don't show similar large increases in the ice core, and since the increased uranium concentrations are enriched above levels in the Earth's crust, the source of uranium is attributed to human activities rather atmospheric circulation changes.