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Judge rules troops must serve alongside HIV infected personnel

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A US District judge in Maryland has ruled that American troops must serve alongside HIV infected personnel. Isn’t that a decision to be made by the President?

What??? Fed District Judge Taking Over Military Central Command

I’ve always said you’ll have far less trouble with a snake in a sack, than a man in a robe.

Where does it end?

They get involved in everything. Activist judges have been a thorn in the side of President Trump as he has tried to steer this nation down a course towards prosperity and safety. Now a US District judge in Maryland has ruled that American troops must serve alongside HIV infected personnel. Isn’t that a decision to be made by the President?

Two Air Force members were discharged from service due to their medical condition. The unit they served in was required to deploy to Central Command, which is responsible for operations in the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia. Central Command rules prevent anyone from deploying to these potential combat areas if they are HIV positive.

If you can’t deploy and do your job, then the military has no use for you. It’s always been that way, and should stay the same.

Get a lawyer!

The discharged (HIV pos.) veterans sued to be returned to active duty. Their attorney argued that the risk to other personnel of HIV infection was “infinitesimal.” The Air Force countered that the risk was high due to the possibility of combat-related open wounds. If you are injured, HIV positive, and bleeding all over your comrades, I see that as a serious morale and health issue.

Unfortunately, these activist judges run in packs, and a three-judge panel of the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals out of Richmond, Virginia upheld the District Judge’s injunction against discharge.

One of the attorneys, Scott Schoettes, counsel and HIV Project Director for Lambda Legal celebrated the victory, stating: “This ruling means the Trump administration cannot discharge any airmen based on their HIV-positive status during the pendency of this lawsuit.” In other words, the hell with the other service members put at risk due to the reckless behavior of these two. The Judicial Branch of the government now wants to run the military—won’t that be fun to watch?

Judge Leonie Brinkema, who issued the injunction, will decide the outcome of the case at trial. No jury will be involved. Hopefully the DOJ will appeal an unfavorable verdict.

So how would you feel if your spouse or partner, or offspring had to serve alongside someone with HIV? If one of these military members gets injured, who is expected to risk infection treating them?

It’s time for our Commander in Chief to stand up to these District judges who are handing down rulings that reach beyond their jurisdictions.


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Found plenty of them from 3-4 days ago now on searching using this title: Ruling Barring Discharge of HIV-Positive Airmen Upheld

Here's one of many: https://www.nytimes.com/aponline/2020/01/10/us/ap-us-air-force-hiv-policy.html