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Oh, and another thing about the Cabal view of the Keystone.

In the early 60s they basically decided to ditch the Marxist Leninist style of Communism and go with something called Technocracy instead. This was a North American form of Fascist Capitalism.

Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote a book (attached) Between Two Ages where he described his vision adapted from Technocracy. In his vision the leading cadre of society was no longer ideologically motivated people because the Communists noticed their tendency to become destructive fanatics that needed to be purged with a bullet to the head.

Instead he proposed a party of technocrats that would sit in between the nobility and the serfs on the Pyramidal hierarchy. The technocrats would deal with all the mundane technical issues. This is why the DeepState has put so many people into the SES in the Federal government and why there is always a group of scientists and engineers supporting their plans.

Technocrats are the Keystone

These are our prime targets for red pilling, but if you think you can tell them anything, then you are a hopeless idiot. The technocrats will almost always be better educated than you and know more facts than you

To red pill them you must stick to asking questions. You must make stupidity your superpower. You must become Lieutenant

Columbo who obsesses over one small fact that doesn't fit, and begs for help in making sense of it. Technocrats tend to not offer propaganda explanations, but deal with facts, so this is how you crack them open. In order to give you the facts, they often need to do some of their own research, and that is where your one little inconsistency becomes a gaping hole.

And then the whole House of Cards collapses in a D5 avalanche, the technocrat sees the light of day and experiences a Great Awakening. But you just cannot tell them any of this. They have to discover it for themselves.

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Try this: Go to qanon.pub, search for 'keystone', and read all the posts while mentally replacing that word with 'understanding'.

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Keystone - The Secret Covenant

This anon author was also French (from Quebec City)

Seems to have the same agenda