Scottsdale, AZ Praised for Standing Up to Suing Satanic Temple Cultists Over Their Demand to Lead the Invocation at a City Board Meeting in 2016.

An organization is encouraging the public to stand behind an Arizona city that is standing up to bullying tactics from a Satanist group.

John Horvat, vice president of the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property, says the City of Scottsdale deserves to be commended for refusing to cave when the Tucson-based Satanic Temple demanded to lead the invocation at a city board meeting in 2016.

The same Satanists have made the same demand to several other Arizona cities such as Phoenix, which dropped the invocation rather than allow it, The Arizona Republic newspaper reported.

Despite their public alliance with the Prince of Darkness, the Satanists claim publicly that they are not religious but are actually humanists and atheists. Yet the Scottsdale lawsuit ironically claims religious discrimination on behalf of the city government.

Scottsdale, meanwhile, is claiming it refused them because they have no ties to the community even though ministers from other communities have led the pre-meeting prayers, the Republic said.

Horvat says his organization has started an online petition to sign thanking Scottsdale’s longtime mayor, Jim Lane, for standing up to the Satanists and their threats, a legal fight that is now stretching into a fourth year.

The petition, which is online at, has climbed to 18,000 signatures and Horvat says the goal is 20,000.

According to Horvat, the Satanic Temple is trying to “mainstream” itself for what is really an evil cause.