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anons discuss JQ, why Q came to the board

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Did you ever consider that maybe, just maybe that Q came to the chans where the JQ is the most discussed topic ever, to generate even moar awareness of the subversion these parasites are up to as chosenites, free of criticism because it's Antisemitic to talk about their crimes against humanity?

If Israel if kept for last, one could make a safe analogy that you fight the Big Boss on the final level.

Jews and their sandkike brothers fake eternal battle is dragging Western Society into the gutter with these subhuman Place Worshipping niggers. The Jews wailing wall is worshiped and the Muzzies run around a black thing & pray facing it.

This shit has to end soon or ZOG is around the corner.

Fuck Kikes, Fuck Sandkikes & Fuck the Shabbos Goys helping them.

That is all.

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Nailed it.

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…or that maybe he came because he likes shills.

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