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alright anons. Back when Epstein got arrested I screencapped a bunch of lolita expres flights. One stood out a bit.

Check this approach to TEB on 6-11-19

. Drops to 4000 ft and slows to ~200 while flying over New Jersey. Overshoots the extended runway and loops around while flying over the Sourland Mountain Preserve?

So decided to check the proximity to the fire over the weekend and its damn close to the flight path.

Thought it was odd regardless of whether it's related to the fire.

2nd pic shows another flight with a regular approach

planefags chime in

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Might as well add some more.

Flight from Paris

Flies to Morocco no decent

just turns around and back to Paris

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Glitch or accidentally turn on your transponder while in China?

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>Glitch or accidentally turn on your transponder while

same question

only insert flying over Cuba

on approach to the