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UK & UKES play w/ nukes and some Trudeau/Ukraine digs

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Weird Trudeau Ukraine connection……

Knowing that at the time Ukraine was Cabal central!

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Look at the date….. 2 + 2


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Trudeau manage to bring 19 jet to "help" Ukraine.

Wanna know more?

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Well from what I can deduce from the event and the general context is that something very serious happen that day. The Russian interception of the tugboat was very…. Violent. Usually they keep it professional. But this time they went nut's after those guy.

And just to make thing more interesting at the same time 7 car with foreign license plate block 7 highway that all lead outside of Ukraine territory.

Very interesting don't you think?

And on the next day the Russian Air force decide to send 17 Jet after a Royal Navy warship that was patrolling not to far from the event. They Russian did not sent 9 jet or 18 jet or 12 jet but 17…….