I think Corey's Digs has information that will supplement what I'm about to provide here. I think the Gardasil HPV vaccine is not AT ALL about cancer prevention. Japan has stopped using the vaccine because of the devastating injuries. Here in the US the vaccine disables an extraordinary number of the girls getting it and it is know to cause sterility possibly via "molecular mimicry". If you investigate who the people are who worked on this vaccine you will see some pretty creepy things. Dr. Eliav Barr was a clinical researcher for Merck who was responsible for Gardasil trials. He's Israeli born (don't now if dual citizenship) and married a man a few years ago.

In addition, the Lasker Prize was given a few years ago to two other scientists who had worked on the HPV vaccine. The same year Planned Parenthood also got an award! The Lasker Prize has an interesting history which ties to the eugenics movement in the US.

I nominate Gardasil (HPV vaccine) for genocidal vaccine of the year.