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UPDATED 11:20 AM PT — Monday, January 13, 2020

The justice system is looking to crackdown on perpetrators of the opioid crisis as a federal court looks to set a precedent with high level executives of a pharmaceutical company. Recent reports confirmed the sentencing of seven top former employees, including the founder of Insys Therapeutics, who are set to appear in front of a federal judge in Boston, Massachusetts.

The case surrounding Insys founder John Kapoor and his employees stem from their scheme to over-prescribe their opioid product, which has affected nearly 400,000 lives over two decades.

“People who are desperate for pain relief because they’ve suffered terrible pain injuries, and to see them being taken advantage of like this is sickening,” said attorney Michael Rainboth.

The company bribed doctors to over-prescribe their fentanyl-based oral spray Subsys to cancer patients seeking to ease their pain. Insys also misled insurance companies to pay for the drug, which costs $19,000 a month.