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planefags bird watching

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2-KFSR descending towards Milan.

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AF1 - VC-25


Leaving DC.

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AF1 #2 92-9000 in trail.

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2-KSFR on final into Milan.

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They've left the transponder on…

I wonder what the call sign JC02 refers to?

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GTMO842 making its rounds.

Couple of C-146 Wolfhounds MAGMA89 & HOUND41.

Not seen these C-146A planes around for a while.

C-146A Wolfhound is a tactical transport aircraft designed and manufactured by Fairchild Dornier, for the US Air Force (USAF). The aircraft provides flexible, responsive and operational transportation of the US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) personnel in the theatre.

The aircraft is also used to conduct non-standard aviation (NSAv) missions to assist Joint Special Operations Command of the USSOCOM.

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2-KSFR's transponder is still on, 30 minutes after landing. Not norrnal and most spoopy…

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Planefag update:

Both AF1's up and about

heading South/Southwest

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"We will use fire to flush them out" - Q

C-130J Commando II, call sign PYRO41