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>pelosi Codel to Haiti 2010

HAITI CODEL "Participant List" FEB 12, 2010 (from Clinton Emails)

Members of the Senate:

1. Tom Harkin, Chairman Health Education and Labor (D-IA)

2. Bill Nelson, Budget, Finance and SASC (D-FL)

3. Amy Klobuchar, Judiciary (D-MN)

4. Frank Lautenberg, Appropriations (D-NJ)

5. George LeMieux, SASC (R-FL)

Members of the House:

1. Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House (D-CA)

2. Charles Rangel, Chairman Ways and Means (D-NY)

3. John Conyers, Chairman Judiciary (D-Mich)

4. James Obstar, Transportation and Infrastructure (D-MN)

5. Donna Christensen (D-V.I.)

6. Chris Lee, Financial Services (R-NY)

Senate staff:

1. Rosemary Gutierrez, Sen. Harkin's office

House staff:

2. Jon Stivers, Speakers office

3. Wyndee Parker, Speakers office

USMC, Director, U.S. Marine Corps Senate Liaison

USMC, U.S. Marine Corps House Liaison

Rich Verma, Assistant Secretary of State for Legislative Affairs

House Sergeant at Arms

Bill Livingood

Attending Physician

"Doc" Summerlee