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Anon on the benefits of decentralization as a solution to attacks on 8kun/Q, etc

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In Q drop 3620, Q suggests that conventional PGP encryption/signing is compromised. This was probably in response to an anon's advice given to Q to use a digital signature to identify himself rather than rely on "trip codes", which I believe only apply to 8chan. If Q had been willing to use PGP, he need not have gone dark for three months while 8chan was down.

Q did everyone a favor by revealing that PGP is compromised. It is a standard for email encryption, probably used by millions. Imagine if the Deep State has a back door?

I don't know anything about the algorithm behind "trip codes". Even if Q trusts them, are they open, well-audited and available for general use? I don't know. But I'm familiar with another algorithm for digital signing, Ed25519, from when I worked cyrptocurrencies. It is a popular choice because it is fast and because it is based on academic research led by Daniel J. Bernstein. It is completely open and extensively audited. There is no known instance of a cryptocurrency theft by breaking this algorithm, which surely is a high-incentive target. Importantly, Bernstein was motivated to design a new algorithm because he did not trust government-approved algos like RSA. He even won a court case against the US Government which sought to deny him the right to publish his work.

This begs the question, why didn't Q use Ed25519 DSA instead of "trip codes" which would have allowed him to publish on any platform? I can only guess. But I felt like setting up a simple web page for general use, now that I don't trust PGP anymore, based on a well-audited implementation of Ed25519. It's functional not fancy at this point and is brand new so there may be bugs. https://ed25519-dsa.github.io/

Public key: SqCFJ8wPWrY7dKbZwl5XggHUchr8arn3Pqtx7NHCxeE=

Signature: LShtT5dGsQs4HCt5JsRcwudd0bou6/oPaeP/xV0oymKHpzEqshlraTT3A8tGloqWzn1q7yIZdYwpNiefm2/2DA==

The signed message ends just above the public key line. You're welcome to verify the signature yourself.

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I'd like to think the three month disappearance of 8chan was part of a well-considered strategy that included, as you say, divide-and-conquer. That Q 'predicted' 93 days of darkness supports the idea that Q intended this or at least thought the down time was net beneficial. As I argued in >>38692 Q may have had the option to post anywhere he wished just by using a digital signature, but chose not to.

But I'm not so sure. The other interpretation is that it was a temporary win for the dark forces. There was a successful attack and that attack is ongoing and is still causing outages. It also seems to me that the 8chan site management was caught off-guard, did not have a backup plan in place, and has been slow to recover. I'm speaking as an experienced developer.

I'm a believer in decentralization and so I'm glad to know that there are many other platforms hosting a distributed community of patriots. Any time there is a concentration of wealth, power, or even truth, it becomes a target. QR definitely has a target on its back and always will as long as it is seen as a threat by the dark forces. Rather than wait until the next round of attacks and hope we survive them, perhaps we should be more proactive in moving toward decentralization. Simply supporting QRB as an alternative to QR is a start, but we could go further by supporting efforts to completely decentralize the Internet. Not only do we need this, but society will need it going forward.

When Q mentioned /projectDcomms/ for the first time, anons tried to figure out its meaning. An anon found the site http://dcomms.org/ (Dcomms.org - fully decentralized and secure communications) which may or may not be related to Q's project. There is also https://safenetwork.tech/ (The Safe Network) and its associated cryptocurrency MaidSafe/SafeCoin. Thoughts?