Bolivia Is A Text Book Example Of A U.S. Engineered Military Coup In Latin America. Evo Morales was a very successful President who was leading his people out of poverty – which will now be undone.

> Morales had the best economic record of any country in South America since he became President in 2006. All of the benefits of rapid economic growth went to the lower 90% of the population and hardly anything at all to the top 10% wealthy Bolivians of European extraction who owned and controlled the country before he became President and who have now been restored to power by the US engineered Fascist Military Coup.

> Bolivia has the largest reserves of Lithium in the world. These reserves have yet to be developed. Morales was negotiating deals with China and Germany to use these reserves to manufacture electric car batteries in Bolivia for export, instead of just exporting the raw material. This would have created thousands of jobs in Bolivia, lifted many more people out of poverty, and grown Bolivia’s economy.

> It is now thought the real reason for Ivanka Trump’s strange visit to Jujuy in Northern Argentina, September 5, was to arrange or make the payments to bribe Bolivia’s Army & Police Chiefs with $1m and $500,000 each for the Fascist Military Coup on November 10.