Hedge Fund manipulator Paul Singer was the second largest contributor to Repub party in 2016


On Tucker Carlson: "Hedge Funds are Destroying Rural America"

Tues, Dec 3 2019, ~40 mins after the hour (clip begins w/Cabela story)


Tucker on the exploitation of companies with financial problems

vulture capitalism ("feeding off the carcass of a dying nation")

You buy up a failing company (often given bailout $ by the govt), drive up profits shorterm by firing employees, etc.; then sellout for a big profit.

Singer was the second largest donor to the Repub party in 2016

Singer has given millions to a SuperPac that supports Repub senators

Story about Cabela's in Sidney, NE

Elliott Mgmt Hedge fund mgr, Paul Singer

In Oct 2015, got 11% stake in Cabelas

Relatively healthy company, but Singer cashed in

sold out to Bass Pro Shops in a merger--made $100mil

People in Sidney lost everything

due to cynical manipulation

almost 2000 jobs gone

A prosperous town died overnight

Singer: such a vicious guy that a prominant WA personage told Tucker, "I can't believe you're doing this, I'm afraid of Paul Singer"

Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse: Would he comment?


Office didn't even respond to Tucker's producers

Sasse receive largest possible donation from Singer

Here's some other posts i found on Paul Singer, there are others above i think, just doing what i can given technical limitations: