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Anon on London Bridge attack, narwhals & baronness Joanna Shield (combats child exploitation)

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argh, lost my damn post

briefly, thinking of london bridge attack kept bringing unicorns to mind because of the narwhal horn - i knew they were some sort of inspiration for unicorns. a search led me to the unicorn theatre, geared towards children - a possible connection and they're located in the area near the bridge.

but then i found a list of "unicorn" startups on wikipedia that included benevolent ai as one in the uk. co-founder is a baroness. hmmm, we know how the cabal loves its titles and honours.

after digging a while on her i came to this twitter thread that held the same info i found, and more.


in short, connections between the good baroness and google, facebook, maxwell and an org (we protect) whose stated aim is to combat child sexual abuse and exploitation online. aha! she was also uk minister for internet safety and security.

more digging on shields from same twitter account:


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baroness joanna shields, has both american and british citizenship. the twitter threads i linked are all about her.

i can't really say there is a unicorn connection, it's just that my brain was connecting the bridge attack with unicorns because of the narwhal horn. the thought kind of floated through my head that the incident might have been signalling something, what i don't know. but to try to get rid of the unicorn link my brain kept throwing out, i did a search for "unicorn london" and came to the unicorn companies list on wikipedia that included benevolent ai of which she is a co-founder.

i don't think the baroness was connected to the stabbings. but it seemed to me a strange coincidence that a narwhal horn just happened to be at hand. i've been in many a fishmongers and have never seen one. to me, that just held a high level of strangeness that seemed to beg for investigation. and that investigation just happened to lead to the baroness.

what can i say? God works in strange ways?