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Ukraine: Land Privatization Demanded by IMF, Links to Biden Graft Scandal. Engineered Bankruptcy of National Economy

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Ukraine: Land Privatization Demanded by IMF, Links to Biden Graft Scandal. Engineered Bankruptcy of National Economy


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Ukraine: Land Privatization Demanded by IMF, Links to Biden Graft Scandal. Engineered Bankruptcy of National Economy

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This story connects the forced privatization of valuable Ukrainian farmland to the Biden scandal. This is apparently a very unpopular move being pushed by the IMF and is widely opposed on both the right and the left in Ukraine.

Looks like the gov't is close to bankrupt and in no position to say no. Article says Zelensky was elected "under an obligation to sell out the agricultural land of Ukraine to foreign companies." So looks like his presidency has strings attached.

Talks about Burisma's owner hired Westerners like Biden's son in order to make his company look like it wasn't corrupt and how the missing $7.5bil was definitely stolen from the Ukrainian people.

"The ultimate goal of all this fraud, in which the Bidens were deeply involved, will be the bankruptcy of Ukraine in 2020-2021, through the formation of a pyramid of public debt."

So Ukraine is now up for sale to the highest bidder. Wonder who that might be??

[What's not really clear from this article is the precise relationship between that land-selling scheme and Burisma/Biden scandal. But given the level of corruption it implies, we would expect to see all the principal players in bed together.]


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>quotes & commentary

Thanks for this. The Ukraine story should be in the spotlight as the country is tragically being assimilated and exploited by the predatory West. Predation by western governments, corporations and banks has happened often before (see Argentina for example) but this time it's especially tragic. In addition to the human cost, perhaps the best agricultural land in the world is about to be infested by GMO which otherwise is rejected entirely by Russia and strongly opposed by the EU. I'm surprised that Russia is allowing this to happen right across its 1,227 mile land border with Ukraine, because GMO can contaminate across borders. Maybe Putin will have something to say about it to Zelensky in their upcoming summit meeting on 9 December.

I'm personally saddened by the plight of Ukraine as I have strong ties with it. Its people have historically suffered (through two world wars and the Holodomor in just the last century) but they had a chance to develop toward first world status after the fall of the Soviet Empire. In 1992 they had no debt, abundant natural resources, the largest territory in Europe apart from European Russia and an enviable geostrategic location between East and West which they could have leveraged for commercial and political advantage much the same way that Turkey has been doing, but which would have required them to maintain a strong independence. But instead they long for a place at the EU table while being handed mostly scraps, meanwhile turning away from their up-and-coming Slavic relatives to the east, who were perhaps most able and willing to succor them.

I see Turkey, situated to the south of Ukraine across the Black Sea, successfully positioning itself as a powerful middle-man both politically and economically. It has wisely involved itself in gold-backed trade having an established gold market/industry and has strongly promoted tourism (it has a lot to offer on that front) while greatly expanding the presence of Turkish Airlines as an East-West carrier based in its new Istanbul airport hub, probably intending to displace Dubai's Emirates Airline. Check out the impressive Ridley Scott "film" promoting Turkey: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5CbPzfzhnw.

The contrast with Ukraine could not be more stark. International flights tend to go around Ukraine as it's easy to see on FlightRadar24.com (https://www.flightradar24.com/41.69,35.71/4). The domestic air travel situation is far behind the rest of Europe, thanks in part to Ukrainain oligarchs who have resisted competition from low-cost carriers. So, poor Ukrainians still find European travel out of reach despite the new no-visa regime. The company SkyUp is attempting to overcome the legendary corruption in Ukraine with a new discount airline but is battling fierce opposition (https://skyup.aero/en/underattack -- a case study in Ukrainian corruption). They have been introducing flights in all major Ukrainian cities except third largest Dnipro, the stronghold of oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky, who owns the airport in that city as well as being a majority owner of Ukraine International Airlines.