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QR mgmt/AFLB on QRB, baker & 8bit

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8bit & anons -

This post is from @fastjack posting as anon. He's the only one who addresses me that way.

Not good news, he is in full-out attack mode. It's not about me or QRB, it's about eliminating anything that stands in the way of QR mgmt.

If they just did not like the questions raised, they could simply address them. But that has never been their style. Instead they attack all efforts to promote greater transparency. What do they have to hide?

Please pray anons--pray for God to expose the truth and expose the lies. And for our work here to be in charge of those who truly value truth, liberty, and our Constitution. God bless this board and God bless those who post upon it.

- baker

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It's all coming out into the open, anons.

See exchange below.


Anons who are here are also on QR.

Every one of them.

QR shills/mgmt are trying to say otherwise

Couldn't have gotten away with it in July

But now they think they can

Big lies like that require refuting

Bc with repetition, they get bigger

So we expose the lies and tell the truth

Cannot ignore; they are already pushing the boundaries.

Just got a post from an "anon" saying that to support Q, we must support QR mgmt (BO)

(gag me with a spoon)

Argument: "Since Q posts on QR, he supports the mgmt there"


Here is an exchange from lb

#9489, https://8kun.top/qresearch/res/7419656.html#q7419656

Just to keep this board up on current habbenings.

The respondent with the 05ce9b id is AFLB--that's not a guess, he/she signed the original post to which anons objected.

will attach CAP separately, posting problems severe right now

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addendum--AFLB claiming that "BO has a good heart"

(should we laugh or cry--or throw darts??)

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Concur in everything you said. My point is that even with the fuckery from FleshJack, QR is mostly in the same shape it was before he and his minions began his little powertrip....since, of course, getting bitch-slapped by Q. For now, I'm monitoring what goes on there but refraining from publicly stomping on his ass.

You're 100% right he's a dick and sowing division, as well as undercutting the value of QRB. He has to, really, because his crap is the reason why we even have a QRB. Still, this place is free of his shit, 8-bit's running the board, we're free here and it's far less shilly.

So, while I can't quite say it's equilibrium, it's tolerable. Keep an eye on things and let us know what you see, if I spot something that seems to be bad/missed, I'll pass on. For now, though, Imma just keep rollin and try to ignore his low-level meat-beating.

Fortitude, brother.