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Anons inquiring about QRB on QR

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Exchange just now on QR:

>>7397124, >>7397014

whoa whoa, be nice to your fellow anons


come visit qrb–as anon said "it's where all the nice people went." true story. then come back here to sharpen your shill-stabbin' skills.



/qresearch/ is where the hive mind needs to be.

/qrb/ will always be a back up and nothing more unless Q posts there which I doubt.


not true, anon

not imo

we are here

i as well

but so is the crew

that hijacked this board

and never apologized


be vigilant

until they prove

they care the way we do

and do not forget

there is a bunker

as well


(if we're lucky

Q will remain here

and those who prefer quiet

will find in QRB

a place for group work & deeper digs)

two boards good

especially now


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Funny I had stayed in qr mainly, but comm with anons in many platforms.

Discord, twitter, etc.

Q posts links from various platforms.

Anyone that thinks qr is the only data source/bunker hasn't fully expanded their thinking in that regard.


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Yes, many sources good.

Bc Q posts there, QR seems more 'legit' to some

Each has his opinion

One thing i learned during deplatforming

(and also from QRB beforehand):

Smaller boards with highly motivated anons

can do things as a group

that are hard to do otherwise

Same even with meme ideas--share & develop

QR is fun and intense but also a lot like a circus, espec when Q posts or shills attack

On QRB, anons can post a story or idea

and it will serve as a touchstone

for others who happen along

Anons talk, exchange ideas, dig deeper together

Creative ferment

bubble, bubble, bubble.....