==The battle over free speech & anti-vax speech ban on social media


- There's currently a battle raging over anti-vax speech. Is it free speech? Michelle Malkin says yes:


- So does Rob Schneider:


- But social media platforms are making it harder & harder to access anti-vax information.



- This despite the fact that there is evidence that vaxxes are not all safe:

https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25057632 [on contaminated polio vaccine; see also "Dr. Mary's Monkey"]

- But that's not enough for WaPo, which wants social media to take an even stronger stance:


- Other countries wo/a Bill of Rights have already done so:


- Who is against vaxxes? pri.org article says "racist, radical, far-right political parties."

Ban on anti-vax speech = ban on free speech

Their argument:

- Anti-vax speech is based on ignorance.

- It is anti-public health.

- Thus, it is dangerous and should be banned.

Three pronged attack:

a. ban anti-vax speech

b. promote pro-vax propaganda

c. pass laws mandating vaxxes

IF ANTI-VAX speech is banned, what's next???