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Alan Bender, Ilhan Omar & Imam of Peace

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thx for including commentary

very interesting

have followed Imam of Peace

find him credible

he covers moar than just Omar

always advocates peace

and espouses same values we do

his comments are both reasonable & insightful

so he is either topnotch 'controlled opposition'

or the real deal imo

hope he's the real deal--

Omar has got to go

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Never a peep negative about omar in the mpls news. In fact, all ththe news today is about her opposition getting banned from twitter for saying omar needs to hang. They *heart* the somali here...

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I’m going to apologize in advance for the I I and me me, but these are my personal thoughts and observations about omar. I have lived in her area for roughly 15 years. The somali pop has steadily grown, starting in the mid to late 1990s. The first ones over were families in their earlier 20s for the most part with young kids..roughly born in maybe 1995, 1996 or so. Over time the pop has exploded, both with families sending for others as well as people who had come over, now having kids. On average the family seems to have a minimum of 3 kids, usually at least 5. You do the math....

I’ve long been suspicious of her fo two reasons. The first is that she literally appeared on the scene out of nowhere. I haven’t looked much into her background and I’m sure she held different positions but the news didn’t cover it. She quite literally burst onto the scene which I thought was really weird.

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Continued (sorry hit send!)

The second is this. Somali women here aren’t active in much of anything..I see them at stores and businesses, but that’s really about it. Some of the younger women work in various jobs but it doesn’t seem to be pushed too much...almost like a “stay home in the kitchen” mentality. The sheer fact that omar is so “out there” had me puzzled..women just don’t seem to play an important role in their culture.

To sum up, I don’t think her rise to power was organic..like she had this dream and it was fostered by her family and community....no, I think she was placed and coddled for a specific purpose.