Catherine Austin Fitts claims missing $21 trillion is a symptom of something worse.

It's important to understand what FASAB 56 means: Congress no longer controls the approval of international treaties, whether or not we go to war, who and what is going to fight our army. We now have an infinite amount of money, as long as the dollar holds, to finance secret armies, mercenary armies, corporate armies. So, what is it Congress does?

So, FASAB 56 is not about accounting and it's not about secret money. It's about who controls the U.S. government. And now that Amazon is running the cloud for the intelligence agencies and Microsoft is about to run the cloud for the D.O.D., with FASAB 56 in place you can re-engineer the entire government operation to be absolutely controlled by a secret group of people who can do whatever they want. That's what this is, a complete coup d'etat.