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German Marshall Fund DIG

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Karen Donfried currently serves as president of the German Marshall Fund of the United States.


Previously, she was the special assistant to the president [Hussein] and senior director for European affairs on the National Security Council at the White House. Prior to the White House, Donfried served as the national intelligence officer (NIO) for Europe on the National Intelligence Council, the intelligence community’s center for strategic thinking.


She received the Cross of the Order of Merit from the German Government in 2011, became an officer of the Order of the Crown of Belgium in 2010,

and received a Superior Honor Award from the U.S. Department of State in 2005 for her contribution to revitalizing the transatlantic partnership.

She is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the American Council on Germany.


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>German Chancellor Willy Brandt, announced the creation of GMF

Willy Brandt (1913-1992) was the fourth chancellor of Germany, president of the Socialist International and chairman of the Social Democratic Party of Germany, which he had joined in 1930.


The 21-member Brandt Commission, headed by for­mer West German Chancellor Willy Brandt, is the off­spring of the Club of Rome and the Club of Rome's parent organization, NATO.

The Brandt Commission is the front end of the Club of Rome's decade-long effort to create NATO-linked military blocs in the Third World and to enlist Europe, East and West, in a new Malthusian "global order" premised on the end of scientific progress, technological growth, and their institutional vehicle, the sovereign nation-state.

The emergence of Brandt into international policy­making prominence and the creation of the Club of Rome in the late 1960s were two, crucial, interrelated aspects of a NATO policy reorientation taking place at that time. It is hardly surprising from this standpoint that it is Brandt's government which, through the agency of the government-owned Volkswagen Foundation, pro­vided the original seed money for the Club of Rome's early 1970s "Limits to Growth" report. ..

Brandt had been cultivated for decades by Brttlsh intelligence as an "asset" after he had taken exile from the Hitler regime in Germany.

After serving as Mayor of Berlin from 1957-66, Brandt was brought in as West German Foreign Minis­ter as part of one of the most important-and delicate­ social-political experiments conducted by NATO's Tav-istock psychological warfare planning unit in the post­war period.


To understand exactly what Brandt means by these terms, it is useful to look at one of his close collaborators, Henry Kissinger.


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Great stuff, fren

really great

Could you repost in Information Warfare thread? Highly relevant info for mapping out the world disinfo network trying to get rid of us and any other freethinkers.

Goal: to put the threads together, maybe starting with Atlantic Council as a center point

Add in groups like Institute for Strategic Dialogue, Club of Three, and others. Hardest part is identifying the major players. There are TONS of groups--just printed out 28 pages of them from Atlantic Council. But most are slaves to a few key groups (e.g., like the German Marshall Fund).

Last winter the group working on the Alabama digg started with New Knowledge as centerpoint; see >>38447

My colleague and I made many flowcharts

My approach was to use one group as a focal point for each chart and see its relationships with others, e.g., orgs & individuals around TDIP:

>>23087 The Democracy Integrity Project

But he took a moar "meta" approach, and tried to show the really big picture. And map as many interconnections as possible: >>>/qrb/23090

It's a masterpiece in my book. So much there.

I'll cap the first version here bc it needs to be big but if you want even moar detail, follow the link.

Here is also a flowchart since WWII with a GMF focus. Shows the evolution of "muh Russia."