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Moar on Travis View & StratCom 2018

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Moar on StratCom 2018

StratCom Agenda

(Atlantic Council sponsored conference, Travis View spoke on "Confronting Everyday Falsehoods" panel)



Understanding China's Information Operations

What & What Not to Regulate

Confronting Everyday Falsehoods

Personal Data: What, Who, How & Why?

Back to Elections: Lessons from 2019

Deepfakes, Shallowfakes: What Should We Fear & What to Do?

Private Messaging Apps

(counting false narratives "wo violating democratic freedoms") LMAO

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>Travis View

Often referred to as an "expert" by his journalist buddies

He apparently lurks on QR

Says he does not post

Because he is "afraid to shit the bred"

direct quote

yeah, he's a real expert all right

does not even know our /comms/

Attached is blog post with moar information on him