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Atlantic Council cites Travis View as expert on disinformation

Article title: "Combating everyday falsehoods"


Article is put out by the Atlantic Council--which we know is Soros-funded. It's on the "spread of misinformation online." Their goal, they say, is to see what can be done about "the spread of fake or misleading information online [which] has disrupted democratic societies around the world." This particular article focuses on veterans, but its thesis is always the same, whatever the target group: that they know who is telling the truth (them) and who is spreading disinformation (the Russian Internet Research Agency).

Among the experts they quote is Travis View, anti-Q podcaster and buddy of Fredrik Brennan:

"Travis View, co-host of the QAnon Anonymous podcast and researcher into the QAnon conspiracy theory, agreed that there are often specific factors that make certain individuals and communities susceptible to promoting fake information. Following conspiracy theories often “give[s] people a sense of purpose and mission” View explained, that often focuses on opposing mainstream narratives, rather than supporting the individual facts of specific cases. " [yes, that's the link for their Vietnam Veterans of America study]