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CBSN report: "Tracking Disinformation on Social Media" (e.g., Qanon) - anon notes

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CBSN report: "Tracking Disinformation on Social Media"


Just got a chance to listen to this CNET "expert" reporter Dan Patterson


Anons have SO much info on this. And Dan has SO little.

Let's get specific, Dan's in green.

>We've been following bots

Nope--no evidence of bots, never has been, just a claim

>Conspiracies have exploded--like Ukraine being behind 2016 election hacking

>But actually, "it was Russia"


>Qanon narrative, which is "related to the Qanon sub-Reddit"

whoops Dan--producer has to shout in his ear....no it's a message board

>or message board

>Related to Hunter Biden false narrative

Great! We'll get credit on this one....

>Also Pizzagate

Pizzagate was a year b4 Q

>Also conspiracies re HRC running in 2020

Since when is asking whether HRC will run a conspiracy?

>how do i know they're bots? i work with 'data scientists'

Ya mean Jonathan Morgan of New Knowledge?

That guy accused of Alabama election fuckery last Dec? Q 2635

>i use dashboard from Securing Democracy Alliance

Ya mean bogus tool Hamilton 68?

And did you mean the Alliance for Security Democracy--ASD?

>Part of German Marshall Fund

Yep--we love ASD coz they got great folks like John Podesta on their Board

>GMF = "non-partisan" think tank

Yep--DS from both left & right

>how to counter the "domestic operations that are popping up"

>domestic ops like "2018" Alabama senate election

that's 2017, not 2018, Dan

But gosh--you are actually telling the truth: that the dems got caught influencing an election

It's our fren Jonathon Morgan, who also helped design fake tool Hamilton 68 w/ASD

a man of sterling character

>we can expect to see domestic disinfo operations pop up throughout 2020 election

TRUE. But does Dan realize he just said it will be the DEMS??

Anons dig a huge dig on last winter, Information Warfare archive has tons of info: http://archive.fo/BbMxh

Capped chart shows some of what we found.

see also Information Warfare II thread on QRB:


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It would be nice to see a similar report entitled "Tracking Disinformation in the Major Media".

Not real optimistic that that will be happening any time soon.

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Nice analysis anon.

>>GMF = "non-partisan" think tank

>Yep--DS from both left & right

Essentially a mouthpiece for the German faction of the globalist movement.

About GMF

The German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF) strengthens transatlantic cooperation on regional, national, and global challenges and opportunities in the spirit of the Marshall Plan.

GMF contributes research and analysis and convenes leaders on transatlantic issues relevant to policymakers. GMF offers rising leaders opportunities to develop their skills and networks through transatlantic exchange, and supports civil society in the Balkans and Black Sea regions by fostering democratic initiatives, rule of law, and regional cooperation.

<"civil society" --- there's that catchphrase again

Founded in 1972 as a non-partisan, nonprofit organization through a "gift" from Germany as a permanent memorial to Marshall Plan assistance, GMF maintains a strong presence on both sides of the Atlantic.

In addition to its headquarters in Washington, DC, GMF has offices in Berlin, Paris, Brussels, Belgrade, Ankara, Bucharest, and Warsaw.

German Chancellor Willy Brandt, announced the creation of GMF in a speech on June 5, 1972 at Harvard, saying that it would help increase U.S.-European cooperation and mutual understanding.