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Next Gen Corruption: Amazing Polly on Alexander Vindman connections (banned by YT)

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Next Gen Corruption: Amazing Polly on Alexander Vindman connections (banned by YT)


Not embedded**, 51 minutes; short MP4 summarizes the connections if I can get it to post.

Complex video. Interesting links. Excellent

SO WHY WAS IT BANNED BY YT?? Polly must have hit a nerve. MOAR DIGGING NEEDED.

Focus on Alexander Vindman, Marie Jovanovich, Eric Ciaramella

The corruption we're facing is "giant and it's generational."

Involves CIA, all kinds of mafias (Russian, Italian, Jewish), KGB, Vindman's family

Started as a dig on Alexander Vindman but led in many directions.

Alexander Vindman

NYT portrays him as a hero (10-29-19). "Meet Alexander Vindman...."

AV - family came over from Ukraine in 1979, he speaks fluent Russian & Ukrainian. Has twin brother & other brother, Leonid. Grew up in Little Odessa / Brighton Beach neighborhood in Brooklyn. But Vindman didn't go straight to US, lived for a while in Italy after their mother died. Cared for by this woman, Kalmanovich, see below.

There was a Ken Burns doc, Statue of Liberty 1985. The Vindman boys and their grandmother were in this doc. How did this happen? Strange.

Might have something to do with Carol Kitman photographer: had photos of their family, supposedly went there every weekend to take pics, has almost no pics of Leonid. Also, in most of their photos, they're wearing one outfit. Also strange. Her husband, Marvin Kitman, is rabidly anti-Trump. ~8mins. Gave lectures at the New School and knew former president of CBS in 1990s; part of a circle of Jewish progressives who embraced the Frankfort School (Jewish intelligentsia). Twins: Eugenics-type programs look for twins. Were the Vindman bros part of this?

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Next Gen Corruption

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After their mother died, the Vindman twins were cared for by the Kalmanovich (grandparents or keepers?). Shabtai Kalmanovich, involved in "super high level fraud" = double agent--Israeli agent who immigrated from Lithuania and penetrated Golda Meier's govt for the KGB (Soviet gov't). Got to know Meier well. Shot dead in 2009 "near Putin's office."Passed on to Moscow intel from an Israeli agent Jonathan Pollard, who was caught and went to jail in US. Wants to go back to Israel.

MEGA group

Larouche pub: Exec Intelligence Review. Pollard: very interesting. There was an infestation of Israeli spies in the US navy--secrets given to both Israel & Russia. Mega group: Lex Wexner, two Bronfmans, Steven Speilberg, etc.

What happened to Kalmanovich? Fled to Sierra Leona in 1980s, then extradicted to Israel (5 yrs in prison), handed back to Russians in 1993 where he became an entrepreneur, bringing Michael Jackson & Lisa Minelli to Moscow. 2009: shot dead near Putin's office. Vindman raised by Mrs. Kalmanovich? ~12mins

Article: "The Last Jewish Gangster" article

On Murray Wilson who served as the link between NY's Russian & Italian mobs. Also had open door policy with FBI (gave them info/misinfo?). Wilson introduced thru a Russian mobster to Shabtai Kalmanovich; became a close business associate of Wilson's. Both got involved in counterfeit check scheme. But Wilson was never indicted. Introduced by a mob figure named Schiff (she could find no link to Adam, however).

Leonid Vindman (3rd brother)

word for UniCredit Group and European Bank for Reconstruction & Develop. ~20mins Both interesting. the latter = progressive agenda "enforcer" in Europe, works closely with George Soros. This bank is a predator among nations. They want countries to sell their utilities to the private sectors (so people like Soros can buy them up). It's a racket.

UniCredit: was just found guilty of illegally processing transactions involving Iranian sanctions.

He's married to Maria Starkova, who went to a Moscow U where Joseph Misfud ran a project: involved exchange students. So does Maria know Misfud? She's either Maltese or Italian.

His life was centered in Russia.

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Next Gen Corruption

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_Semenov (Simon) Vindman (father)__

Bus driver; got fired for allowing people to travel in underside luggage bays on way to Monmouth Park Race Track. Strange. Is this the father? She is not sure. Big drug selling area in that part of NJ where this happened (moar). Port of Newark. ~28

Donald Yovanovich served on the Board of Nat'l Steeplechase Assn; related to Marie Yovanovich? Another person on the Board: William Gallo (linked to Genovese crime family). 1986: Kathryn Gallo is wed to Anthony Ciaramella (name of Eric Ciaramella's father). EC may be the grandson on a Mafia henchman. ~30 (She'll make another vid on this.)

Project ARI

Helped Jewish immigrants who migrated from Russia to Brighton Beach. By 1994, there were 58,000 immigrants. Lots of Russian org crime stuff happening by then. Welcomed by Project ARI. Lots of ports in that part of Long Island. Remember links to Italian and Jewish mafia above.

Evsei Agron

Godfather of Russian-American mafia. Came from Russia in 1975, very influential. Organized a motor fuel racket. Hung out with Murray Wilson (remember: never indicted). Only major corruption would make this possible. Many people were probably brought here and trained in this kind of fraud. Mob still very active now (9-29-19 article ~38mins).

Project Aerodynamic

CIA program to support the Ukrainian Supreme Liberation Council via Prolog Research. What is this org? Group to undermine Russia?

Brought in immigrants who they could mold into a voting block; she thinks they were exploited to work towards political ends.

Prolog Offices - CIA front; Project ARI in Brighton Beach; Monmouth Park (slightly south) -- see CAP.

Guy named Dobransky wrote a ltr to FBI in 1966 about Op. Prolog. Was anti-Soviet, was trying to blow the whistle on the Communists. So they shut him down. Said he was out to smear the UK Supreme Liberation Council--they said he was right wing. Polly says it's just like today. Mikola Lebed mentioned in the letter = agitator who set up Prolog.

Atlantic Council doc from 2015: Remembering Roman ~43mins

Roman = Roman Kupchinsky, who worked with the CIA to "fight the Soviets." Worked for Prolog. Later became fulltime CIA; interacted with dissidents, opened Prolog office in London to send material to Russia & other eastern-bloc countries. Left Prolog in 1990, worked for Radio Free Europe. Soros was very active in Ukraine at that time--undermining the country. Polly did a whole video on this. ~45mins


Brings together a whole community of people to be manipulated for political purposes (Polly's thesis). Last five minutes has an excellent summary with chart; will attach if 8kun will allow.

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Next Gen Corruption

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MP4 summary