What is NABU (the Natl Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine)??

In a recent Amazing Polly vid, she talks about NABU: the Natl Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine.


NABU: who are they? If you just do a search, you don't get much.

But it's almost certainly an NGO closely associated with Soros & probably the US State Dept.

But the nature of the relationship is really vaguely described, because most descriptions of it are really vague:


"NABU...was set up in the aftermath of a 2014 pro-Europe uprising and...was supported by the United States and other Western allies."

>NBC News:

"an independent anti-corruption bureau."


>Yahoo vid ("no longer available" but searching on "nabu soros" yields this in Chrome):

"NABU and the Obama government were working closely with Soros NGO Anti-Corruption Action Centre (AntAC) in Ukraine."

"Works closely with"

How closely? Might be that NABU is part of AntAC--take a look at this link: https://map.antac.org.ua/agencies/nabu/

Q just posted a Glenn Beck vid clip on the director of NABU, Artem Sytnyk Q (#3603)

Yuri Lutsenko interview referenced by Q in #3603:

"I don't know how but the Americans got an audio of his conversation....discussing how he'd like to help Hillary."

"Glenn Beck Reveals Bombshell Audio from Ukraine that Repudiates Impeachment Narrative"


Sytnyk said he helped HRC in the 2016 elections.

Said "she belongs to the cohort of politicians who comprise the hegemony

in the U.S. and in the entire world."

Beck's full video, NABU-related events:


At ~38, he talks about NABU off & on.

Feb 2014. President of Ukraine overthrown & Poroshenko installed. ~ 33.

Mar 2014. Under Obama, lots of $ goes to Ukraine.

BC Ukraine is so corrupt, but US mandates the estab. of an anti-corruption bureau: NABU.

The US will be NABU's partner.

First director = Artem Sytnyk (has a direct line to Obama admin).

So US dumps lots of $ but watches over it thru NABU.

April 2016: Biden said to fire Prosecutor Shokin:

Shokin was investigating not only H Biden but the [Soros-based] Anti Corruption Action Centre ~51

July 2017: Sarah Huckabee Sanders talks about collusion betw Ukraine & DNC to defeat Trump. ~1:09

Beck: "Who was doing all of this?"

[Who was Ukraine investigating? And who did they convict?]

Sytnyk: the head of NABU.

[THE CLIP Q REFERENCES is at ~1:14].

[Clip comes from Oct 2017: Ukr parliament member filed a claim] ~1:17