BREAKING: Lisa Page Interviewed By Left-Wing Rag, Daily Beast: Married Mother of Two Who Had An Affair With FBI Hack Peter Strzok, Claims She’s A Victim Of Trump…Feels Threatened By Americans Wearing MAGA Hats

Former FBI Agent Peter Strzok and his lover, FBI lawyer, Lisa Page were the lead investigators in the Clinton email and Russia collusion investigations.

After hundreds of embarrassing text messages between the lovers were released to the public that revealed a serious bias against presidential candidate Donald J. Trump, and in favor of his political opponent, Hillary Clinton, Peter Strzok was eventually fired from his position at the FBI. On May 5, 2018, Lisa Page resigned from her position at the FBI.

“God Hillary should win 100,000,000 – 0,” Strzok wrote to Page, according to one message obtained by Politico. “Also did you hear [Trump] make a comment about the size of his d*ck earlier? This man can not be president,” Page responded.

The same day Page resigned, former FBI chief lawyer James Baker did, too. He’d been under scrutiny for a leak of classified information relating to the Steele dossier, a report filled with racy yet unsubstantiated charges that was funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign.