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Daily Georgia Senate seat update for Monday December 2 from metro ATL anon

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Daily Georgia Senate seat update for Monday December 2 from metro ATL anon, to continue regularly as news warrants. Gov. Brian Kemp is expected to announce his appointment for a temporary replacement this week. This situation is blazing hot in my state, to say the very least.

Today's extended summary on Georgia politics in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution contains a TON of crumbs, encouraging anons to read:



:: Likely Kemp appointee Kelly Loeffler is on the board of Atlanta's Grady Hospital, the 5th largest public hospital in the US and one of the busiest Level 1 trauma centers in the country. That connection is taking fire from Georgia conservatives, with one calling Grady a "training ground for abortionists" and claimed that board position should disqualify her from serving in the Senate: https://www.ajc.com/blog/politics/the-jolt-grady-hospital-takes-hit-fight-over-senate-seat/DsqZB7WbN3PVOERzzJrByM/

:: Loeffler is the co-owner of the Atlanta WNBA franchise, the Atlanta Dream. The Dream sent a packet of comp tickets to six orgs, one of which was Planned Parenthood… Shots fired! "Here’s a line from from a website called Big League Politics, tweeted out this morning by tea partyist Debbie Dooley:

The WNBA has never turned a profit throughout its entire existence, and serves as little more than an outlet for violent lesbian brutes to act out their aggression on a public stage."

:: Radio/TV host Mark Levin called Gov. Kemp "another Romney". "It’s a convenient way to shift the narrative away from one that frames Kemp as someone willing to ignore Trump’s personal pleas, and toward a view that casts the governor as defiantly standing against what is now the party’s establishment."

:: Meanwhile, mid-tier state political figures are mostly trying to stay on the fence after days without comment, trying to stay on Kemp's good side and keep their jobs. Politicians gonna politick.

:: "While we’re noting who isn’t speaking out, do note that President Donald Trump has yet to weigh in publicly on Kemp’s pending choice. Accounts of his contacts with the Georgia governor have been second-hand. And the White House press secretary last week described a meeting with Trump, Kemp and Loeffler as amicable." I personally continue to wonder if this is Trump, strategically moving playing pieces around his board, as he is fond of doing. He could be saving Doug Collins for a different position, and bringing in Loeffler to throw Dems off track since she is a relative unknown AND she can fund herself. Trump would "get" not just the wealthy Loeffler, but her even-wealthier husband, Jeff Sprecher. I am nervous about their incredibly heavy globalist connections and business focus on digital currency. The one world focus is disturbing.

:: Doug Collins, meanwhile, is sidestepping discussion. It is VERY important for us to recall the following about him (from his web site): "As a U.S. Air Force Reserve chaplain, Doug has ministered to our country's military since 2002. He completed a 2008-2009 deployment to Iraq while stationed at Balad Air Force Base. As a Lieutenant Colonel, Doug remains active in the Air Force Reserve."

:: Almost everyone who serves at the Georgia State Capitol was at yesterday's funeral for State Rep. Jay Powell, who died unexpectedly of a heart attack at an annual lawmaker's retreat at the Brasstown Valley Resort in the Georgia mountains.

:: Stacy Abrams and her backers continue their daily assault on Georgians. Tonight, she is hosting a rally in Savannah for a Democrat in a runoff against Savannah mayor Eddie DeLoach, the first Republican mayor elected in decades. Georgia Democrats also plan to send delegations to Valdosta for the mayoral race there. Both these two cities are in extreme southeast Georgia, near the increasingly-critical seaports in Savannah and Brunswick, both of which have undergone significant capacity expansions in recent years.

:: There will be a farewell celebration in DC for Sen. Johnny Isakson tomorrow in Washington.

:: The Hill is reporting that Sen. Mitch McConnell is finding it difficult to replace Isakson as chairman of the Senate Ethics Committee. Nobody seems very keen on being in charge of investigating their colleagues.

Will post the evolving Kelly Loeffler news summary separately. Pic related is not making me happy.

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Following up, here's this morning's roundup for Loeffler, all with the assumption that Loeffler is a done deal and the angle that "Kemp is bucking Trump". Seeing increased discussion over her stance on abortion, so Kelly had better be spending today getting her responses ready. The combination of her major connections to Grady Hospital and her WNBA franchise are growing exponentially by the hour.

Predictably, the University of Georgia newspaper is siding with alumnus Brian Kemp. This piece does, however, point out that this may be divisive to Georgia Republicans in critical 2020:




"It’s unclear whether the opposition will derail the appointment. Kemp appeared to push back on the backlash in recent days, saying, “The idea that I would appoint someone to the U.S. Senate that is NOT pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment, pro-freedom, and 100% supportive of our President (and his plan to Keep America Great) is ridiculous.”

Reposting background links on Kelly Loeffler:







https://ir.theice.com/governance/management (good rundown on Sprecher business history)


https://www.nytimes.com/2013/01/20/business/jeffrey-sprechers-improbable-path-to-buying-the-nyse.html (How did the guy do it? The story is a little chilling.)


If you don't read anything else about Kelly Loeffler and husband Jeff Sprecher, read this Atlanta Magazine piece:


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>From your pic, here is the relation between Abrams and Loeffler:




>>Abrams also co-founded Nourish, Inc., a beverage company with a focus on infants and toddlers,[12] and is CEO of Sage Works, a legal consulting firm that has represented clients including the Atlanta Dream of the WNBA.

Do Democrats ever go a single DAY without firing off another incorporation of a legal entity? Ugh, all those lawyers. Their hunting camouflage for their money laundering and graft is a maze of corporations.

Requesting a call to dig on all entities, profit and nonprofit, with any association to either Loeffler or Abrams.

Loeffler/Sprecher's Buckhead mansion is called "Descantes", and it is not titled in either of their names, but in an LLC of that name. Can't go further without doxxing.

Last night another anon pointed out her association with the Red Cross, which the Atlanta Magazine piece pointed out was the beneficiary of a fundraiser held at their mansion less than a week after they moved in.