Walter Bosley speaks about airships in the 19th century, the Nazi bell flying machines and saucer shaped craft. At the end he shows a clear link in the design and development of these craft.

After watching this video I think it becomes clear that the Plus Ultra breakaway civilization is not on some other planet or hidden in Antarctica. It is actually here, now, on private estates of the elite, and in underground installations that they control. Some may be masked as military bases, or may hide in a real military base as a highly classified SAP level project. And I am convinced that some of this antigravity technology is in use within military aircraft and even more recent civilian aircraft. It is only used to supplement the more conventional propulsion, but to me it explains why the wings of the most modern planes seen thinner and even shorter than I would expect. I think it is because the fuel tanks are smaller than they would be if only jet fuel propelled the airplane. Perhaps RAMJETs explain this, but then why wasn't this more prevalent in the early 60s?

Plenty of names, places, dates are given for those who like to dig deeper. Just one interesting thing that I noted: New York Military Academy founded in 1889, is abbreviated NYMA. Almost NYMZA. What if this school had something to do with selecting the men who would work with this advanced secret technology, either in military roles, or civilian ones?

Trump tower is reminiscent of Stark Tower in Ironman/Avengers movies, which has its own arc reactor that provides power to the whole building without needing city electricity. Could it be possible that Donald Trump actually has a Tesla energy source powering his tower? Were the elites withholding this technology from the Military as part of the plan to weaken them in preparation for the nuclear holocaust with Russia?