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New law (Sweden) forces banks to receive cash, from Oct 2nd: Philly pushing for cashless stores

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Win for ca$h in sweden

Sweden has for many years dismantled it's cash infrastructure with an unofficial goal of becoming cash-less. This have resulted in most banks not handling cash at all, and in those places that to handle cash, if You put in more than a couple of thousands SEK (~$200) then you have to say where it comes from. If they don't believe you, they can decline your money.

Also, a growing number of shops, restaurants and the likely is not receiving cash, only card payments or the popular "swish" instant account-to-account money transfer app.

All this is now being halted as a result of a citizen organisation "kontantupproret" (the cash revolt) working with politicians to the benefit of people who can not or do not want to be cash-free.

Pic related; google translate of the article below.


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October 2, 2019: "Philadelphia’s ban on cashless stores officially is in effect, forcing establishments citywide to accept cash as payment from customers.

In Philadelphia, the backlash to the rise of cashless stores started due to concerns that the ban on cash was discriminatory. Opponents argued that denying cash disproportionately affected low-income populations without access to credit cards and bank accounts."