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(E-4b callsign), - AF1 up-Godspeed! pf reports

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SAM798 departs DC.

(SAM=Special Air Mission)

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Boeing C-32A 09-0017 sneaking out of DC with RCH operator code.

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<reposting cause i went to the mouldy bred first


E-4B Nightwatch

interesting callsign to say the least

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and the best callsign of all is now up



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Oh, THIS is interesting.

TWO AF-1's

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i keep wondering what this luftwaffe flight is doing anywhere near af1

reg 14+03


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One is hugging the coast, headed close to the Luftwaffe passenger (claimed) plane with the German plane 10,000 overhead. Enough separation?

The other is headed over New Scotland (Nova Scotia).