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Moar on FLOTUS' "Spirit of America" theme

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Interesting video:

Domino = 17 = q

Spirit of America = B2 stealth bomber

Scrabble tiles add to 45 = POTUS and D5


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Do numbers on the scrabble pieces, also correspond to Q post #3111?

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scrabble = this is not a game…

though she has hid easter eggs in the video for anons to find and enjoy…

>learn to play the game with us

i don't think it calls for all the 5layer decode…

it's a CLEAR wink to the Q patriots…


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B-E = 4

B-E-S-T = 6

6+4 = 10

Scrabble value of Q = 10

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Speaking of NOTABLES, some anons noticed yesterday that the picture from the White House showed someone decorating scarlet Christmas trees just like last year. And an anon made the bombshell connection to the Q drop "rigging for red" (note the traditional expression that you "rig the lights on a Christmas tree").

I see that the theme for the Christmas trees might not be red this year though. They're a lot less gory. But I still think the pic of the red Christmas trees is relevant to a possible "Red December," even if the red tree pic might be from last year. Because it was re-tweeted by the White House THIS year.

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Isn't the music on the FLOTUS post the same as the music on some prior post? It seems very familiar but I haven't found the match.