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From 2018: J. Paul Getty III: Exclusive 1974 Interview with Kidnapped Oil Heir [Getty's worth a DIGG, anons?]

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Watched a movie, Richest Man in the World

from 2017, About John Paul Getty. Wondering if any digs were ever done on him and if he could of been A Godfather?

J. Paul Getty III: Exclusive 1974 Interview with Kidnapped Oil Heir

When the grandson of oil magnate was kidnapped, it took a severed ear for his family to pay up. We sat down with him just months after the ordeal

This story originally appeared on the cover of the May 9th, 1974 issue of Rolling Stone.

It is a story told most starkly by a boy’s ear. A boy’s severed right ear – but no, “severed” is too sterile a word; “sliced off” is the truth. A prominent and delicately formed ear sliced from the head of a terrified and fully conscious 16-year-old boy with the same name as the Richest Man in the World, a boy whose adolescence had until then meandered aimlessly around teenage indulgences and post-pubescent vanities.

Cut from his head, the boy’s ear was stuffed into a plastic envelope along with a lock of his red hair and dropped in the mail to a newspaper in Rome. And while the boy lay bleeding, vomiting and in shock, his flesh was shuffled around dingy Duce-built post offices, delayed in its ghoulish transit by an interminable Italian postal strike.

The ear was but a tool, really, a grisly gambit packaged to convince the bot’s octogenarian grandfather to pay $2.9 million… before other plastic envelopes made their slow tortured way through the mails carrying other nightmarish mementos: fingers, toes, an eyeball maybe – and if nothing proved convincing enough, then perhaps a final package: a trunk, and in it… leftovers.

"The ear was aimed at the grandfather and not the boy’s parents, because the parents have always claimed some comparative degree of poverty. They’ve had too many front-page problems of their own, victims both of private chaos. The boy’s father, Eugene Paul Getty, who now lives in London, has even banished himself from Rome – where he is still sought for questioning by the polizia in the bizarre sudden death of his second wife, Talitha Pol Getty, 31, a B-movie actress (“She wore the eyepatch in Barbarella,” the boy says) who died of a massive and mysterious overdose of heroin in August of 1971."

moar here…https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-features/j-paul-getty-iii-exclusive-1974-interview-with-kidnapped-oil-heir-120637/

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>Wondering if any digs were ever done on him and if he could of been A Godfather?

there's a connection between the Institite for strategic dialog & Getty family

can't look it up coz i'm baking

but the guy who helped starte the ISD & hire its CEO is connected

ISD does anti-Q propaganda and a whole other bunch of DS stuff