>not only that but they told some lame story about Susan W living in a garage and got her big break working for sergey and larry.

>didn't mention her sister runs 23 & me!!

>corrupt news!

Notes on fake news 60 mins segment. Could be some comms in this video anons. Random panda shot mixed in. Some other oddities

-Youtube under increasing scrutiny, accused of propagating white supremacy, peddling conspiracies, and profiting

-youtube had to pay settlement for targeting children with elsagate….errrr advertisements

-my god her voice is unbelievably annoying

-sw lets her children watch you tube kids, limits amount

-weekly all staff meeting. stahl "she's suprisingly down to earth"

-rented her garage to brin and page when they were students

-Page and brin hired her. google employee number 16

-she recommended goog buy youtube. ceo 8 years later


-shot of a panda (sr?)

-cut to trump ad "Joe biden promised ukraine a billion dollars if they fired the prosecutor investigating his son"

<stahl: youtube also makes money from political ads. a thorny issue because some of them have been used to spread lies on social media

stahl then lies about trump

<stahl "facebook facing controversy because they refused to take down a president trump ad about biden which is NOT TRUE" (it is).

-to sw would you run that ad?

>sw ad "right now" wouldn't violate our policies

<stahl can a politician lie on youtube?

>sw it's not ok to have technically manipulated content that would be misleading

- for example pelosi video where speed is slowed name included drunk

- we removed that video

<stahl how fast did you remove it?

>very fast

any "technically manipulated trump videos up? if so sounds like a campaign contribution

-youtube trying to erase videos with the whistleblower name

-muh russian trolls

-youtube has been used to spread "disinformation" (anyone hating hillary clinton is "disinformation" according to 60 mins). Vile conspiracy (sandy hook false flag) and hate. (Christchurch Mosque shooting)

-weird. they mention the christchurch shooting and how shooter used facebook and videos spread on youtube but they never got deplatformed? strange how that happened.

-youtube recently tightened policy on hate speech

sometimes the reviewers begin to buy the conspiracy theories

<sw "i've definitely heard about that"

-2 examples of videos. 1st a violent video with prisoners being abused. left it up. because a group trying to expose the violence. 2nd historical hitler footage took down. had 1418 at the bottom. code for white supremeicists

<sw "for every area we work with experts and we know all the hand signals the messaging the flags the songs theres quite a bit of context to what REALLY trying to say"

-balance free speech and censorship

- that means hearing from people with "odious" messages. Video cuts to Lauren Southern, Crowder

-"medical quackery", vaccines

-youtube not held responsible for user gen content because of section 230

-earlier this year youtube statrted reprogramming its algorithms to recommened questionable video (begins flashing the Qanon clips) much less and point users who search for the material to authoritative sources

<"like news clips"

-with these changes sw says cutdown amount of time people watch "controversial content" by 70%

that was painful anons. watched it so you wouldn't have to.