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>4) Also, did /ourguys/ FISA-tap her dual-citizenship ass to get at the domestic FBI shitbags in the chat?

From an old Chill thread, Fiona Hill apparently had (maybe still has) clearance for Top Secret, NOFORN intel, which is the heaviest of heavy duty shit. NOFORN means no foreign national access allowed. So what's a dual citizen qualify as exactly? Made me wonder even more if there's something to my FISA question.

It generally seems dual citizens are handled on a case-by-case basis for higher-level positions (this one's GS-15, one step below SES):

Unit Chief, Counterintelligence

Looking for some provenance on FISA taps of dual citizens, I found this from June:

Surveillance of Dearborn man by feds raises questions over warrant


The FISA warrant was obtained through an FBI counter-terrorism investigation. In the Trump Era. The guy and his lawyers are saying it's crazy (I guess bc they're playing up the "American" side of his dual citizenship with Lebanon). But Honey Badger Barr don't give a fuck.

>At the center of the fight is a controversial surveillance tool that has drawn scrutiny after agents used it to investigate links between Russia and President Donald Trump's presidential campaign.

>Lawyers for Nassif Sami Daher, 28, want federal prosecutors to divulge the roots of the domestic surveillance investigation and relinquish evidence gathered while surveilling Daher, a self-described gas station employee who also delivers newspapers.

Best Part:

>“I have never heard of a resident of Metropolitan Detroit being investigated through a FISA warrant,” said Dawud Walid, executive director of the Michigan chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. “This case raises questions as to what triggered the government’s interest in this individual. The government should state the reason they got the warrant since they found no criminal activities related to any sort of terrorism or crime relating to a foreign government.

So if CAIR was blindsided and pissed off…what does that mean?

Back to Missy Fiona…would POTUS, General Flynn et al just randomly hire a known acolyte of Soros, a likely enemy combatant (terrorist) himself? Hell no, and her spiel on "Zion" be damned.

This timeline is most interdasting:

Nov 8: POTUS wins the election.

Nov 11: Fiona writes a cute little Brookings op-ed on Putin, mentions sex tapes on political oppo.

Nov 15: Fiona's on FOX crying to KT McFarland about Muh Russia (wish I could find the vid).

Nov 16/17: POTUS formally hires General Flynn as National Security Adviser, who eventually hires KT, then Fiona.

Nov 17: Admiral Rogers tells POTUS about the FISA fuckery at TT.

Nov 17: POTUS moves transition out of TT to NJ.

Nov 20: Clapper crying about Rogers going to see POTUS on the sly.

Nov 20: The Atlantic publishes a fluffy interview with Fiona crying about Muh Russia again.

Seems like Fiona was out there pushing hard for a job, and the /ourguys/ gave it to her. Why? NSA knew she knew about the Piss Dossier already and FISA-tapped her in the meantime? Maybe she was one of their Golden FISA Geese kek.

But basically I'm thinking that dual citizenship is another way of looking at "FISA goes both ways."