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USMC message: "Muddin'"

Click to try to play this video on Invidio.us, if it still exists on YouTube!

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Re-Posting this from late last bread. These all go together and are worth looking at if not NOtable

The Marine Corps is sending the exact same pic/message with different titles. Hmmmm...

Follow up on Insta's latest with:

"All Eyes on Me"

Very Interdasting

U.S. Marines




marines's profile picture







All Eyez on Me


Now I don't know why the Marine Corps would tag this Cat, Maybe they like him. Or it is a message to someone, or us.

Either way, a little digging on it and...

Yee Yee has a line of Apparel among all kind of shet.



Here is his vid on YT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06BP2eSgzEw

the circumstances surrounding the three [3]year olds death makes it seem like a Cabal sacrifice. The fact that he notified the world on Twattter on June 6th, yeah 6/6 doesn't help. It sickens me because this man seems like someone we need in this world. I look at his pictures, et al and there sure are a lot of Symbols, a little moar hidden than most but unfortunately I see them. For example, Yee Yee seems innocent enough but to me, I see

YEE YEE or Y33 Y33.

Y [goat head] and 33 or 6

Disgusting that they have turned our world into a place where everything is suspect. I had NEVER heard of this Cat until I read that his son died. I think I even posted it here or on QR because it was suspicious.

River Kelly Smith (Granger Smith Son) Bio, Wiki, Parents, Siblings, Music Video, Accident, Cause of Death

River Kelly Smith Bio, Wiki

River Kelly Smith was born in 2017 to Granger Smith, and his wife, Amber Bartlett. The country music star said in a post on his Twitter page on June 6th around 2 p.m. Easter time that his son had died.2 p.m. The singer described the news as “unthinkable” and said that his son passed away following a “tragic accident.” Despite the efforts of doctors, River Kelly Smith, who just turned 3, Smith and his wife made the heartbreaking decision to turn off life support.


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